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Veterans vs. Jennings -or- Schneider

Posted by indythinker to Florida FL-13 at 8/12/2006 05:18:32 PM
My name is Major Robert L. Hanafin, USAF-Retired (of Ohio), and I was on the senior staff of Veterans for John Kerry during the 2004 Presidential Campaign. In short, a Veteran Friend of mine in the 13th Congressional District asked me to do an impartial assessment between Candidates Schneider and Jennings because of some confidential concerns he had as a VETERAN.

I sent my response to Ms. Schneider and would like readers to see my response to this Veteran in Florida. Marc, As promised, I took an IMPARTIAL UNDECIDED Voters look at the two candidates from the view of an Army Dad with a Soldier on his second combat tour in the sandbox, who just also happens to be a Retired Military Officer myself and here is my honest opinion and assessment. (Well from a senior campaign advisor on Veterans for John Kerry 2004 National HQ)You have my permission to pass this to each campaign if it may prove helpful to anyone.

Admittedly not personally meeting or hearing either candidate speak at a candidate's forum nor debate the issues, this appears to be either a National or State Democratic party move to endorse Jennings for whatever reason. Thus, as an UNDECIDED VOTER, I would not put much faith nor credence in any endorsement or decision made by EITHER Democrat or Republican National or State party that the candidate THEY endorse is the best one for the job or the people of the 13th district.

That being said, as an UNDECIDED voter (registered Democrat), and the only access to information I had was the above websites. Given my age (56) and computer savy (a growing number of folks older than I are computer savy BTW, I would definitely VOTE FOR Jan Schneider and recommend that everyone on my EXTENSIVE contact list in Florida VOTE for her (don't know how many are in the 13th district).

I would say that goes TWICE if they are a Veteran or Military Family member. Why? Well as you said Marc, Ms. Schneider's position on THE ISSUES are very clear on her website (in fact Candidate Jennings should FIRE whomever developed hers). I could not even find the term VETERAN on Ms. Jennings website let alone where she stood on Veterans Issues or Iraq???

If you have access to the Schneider campaign my advise to THEM would be the same UNDECIDED VOTER'S advise given to the Lamont campaign in Connecticutt against Joe Leibermann (who of course the National Party also endorsed and supported). Spend all Ms. Schneider's limited war chest in the final days of the Primary going after UNDECIDED Voters on ONE ISSUE - the War in Iraq. If the 13th District has a high concentration of Military Retirees go after that vote by having Ms. Schneider talk about Military Retirees being screwed by the Pentagon then wrap up by focusing on Veterans Issues.

I will post this commentary on their campaign Blog.

Major Hanafin

"Marc S. Killam" wrote:

Thanks for your input Bobby. These are issues which I will indeed ask them to address.

My answer in short on why I support Schneider and not Jennings goes something like;

In 2004 during the run up to primaries, I got to ask Ms. Jennings just where did she stand on the issues that are of concern to our Veterans.

Ms. Jennings replied I'm for them."

When I asked Ms. Schneider the very same question, I got a rather "detailed response."

For example, She believes that our Veterans Administration should receive mandatory funding for healthcare costs. {direct funding} & that these costs should not be subjected to yearly budgetary battles on Capitol Hill. She pretty much addressed each & issue, with a clarity Ms. Jennings will never be able to develop.

My own impression then & now, are exactly the same, Ms. Jennings claims the endorsement of John Kerry, well I personnally got on the phone with the Senator's offices in Washington, I spoke with a Raul Avida, he stated emphatically, that John Kerry has NOT & IS NOT Endorsing her campaign.

In 2004 Jan Schneider got 49% of the votes, in an election in Florida, that very much like Ohio, where the election result's have been compromised. {GOOGLE CLINTON CURTIS & read his affidavit of his testimony before Congress, where he testified as a "Whistleblower." Such testimony depends on the results of a polygraph examination. it's quite chilling reading.}

That's just a wee bit of what's wrong down here Bobby. By the way sir, how is your son doing? Still deployed? All my best reguards

Thank you & please remember, for America's Sake, Remain Vigilant & Resist Bush!

Marc Killam
U S Navy Veteran

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Posted by indythinker to Florida FL-13 at 8/12/2006 05:18:32 PM


At August 23, 2006 9:13 AM, Anonymous JayR said...

Funny then that Florida Veterans for Common Sense is endorsing Jennings.


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