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Christine Jennings, Claude Pepper and Jan Schneider

Get a clue...

There is no way that Jan Schneider can win the 13th District Congressional race. If she can't win against Katherine Harris, who generated at least a 20% backlash vote for certifying the results of the 2000 presidential election, she will be obliterated by Vern Buchanan, who is the likely Republican candidate. Schneider ostensibly is a well-educated woman who should be a policy wonk in someone else's administration. I have seen for myself that she does not have the campaign skills to get elected. She practically disappears in a crowd. At Democratic campaign events in 2004 she was a virtual wallflower while her supporters worked the crowd. She does not present well in debates or on television. At recent events she has seemed almost manic comparing herself to Claude Pepper. And on policy, her positions are too liberal to appeal to a traditionally conservative, but moving toward moderate, constituency. Anyone who can take a hard, objective look at her candidacy can easily see that she doesnEt have a chance in the general election. What she does have a chance of doing, however, is spoiling the primary for the one viable candidate for the 13th seat for the Democrats - Christine Jennings. Here is a true fiscal conservative with traditional Democratic values. Stop whining about a candidate who could never get elected and support one who can!

by Realitychick on Feb 4th, 2006


[re: Get a clue]

Your perspective is valid.
But it is far from being the only valid one.

The upcoming FL-13 Democratic Primary ought to be about the issues (period). By this I mean, substance - not form.

As I write this... my mind happens to jump to Eleanor Roosevelt. My gut feeling is that (in those days), based on the sound of her voice and way she spoke, Eleanor, early-on, wouldn't have been able to run successfully for dog catcher.

But most of the civilized world accords her the highest admiration for her unique and (veritably) homeric successes on behalf of human rights and human freedom. I think that few among us would take issue with my statement that, because of Eleanor, our World is far better-off. Again, because of her substance.

It was the substance of her mind, with its bedrock selfless values, perspectives, hopes, visions and dreams for all those who are truly disadvantaged... everywhere and always, that kept her firmly on the moral high-ground.

That said, Jan Schneider has a deeply passionate, equally clear, selfless and poignant agenda. A life-long Democrat, for sure! But she is clearly neither a "Party Animal" nor would she aspire to become one.

A bit more on Jan:

Jan Schneider (FL-13) - (Katherine Harris 2004 opponent) is a straight- shooting Yale-educated lawyer with a Ph.D. in political science from Yale. Schneider has three decades of experience as a practicing lawyer, educator and author. She also has a 30-year history of fighting for public interest causes, particularly in the areas of environmental protection, women's rights, the arts and public housing. Among other things, Schneider is the author of two books and dozens of articles on environmental protection, and she currently provides pro bono legal services to residents of Sarasota public housing projects.

Jan has (by far) the best name recognition, qualifications and strength on the issues. In 2004 Jan's grassroots campaign held incumbent Congresswoman Katherine Harris to the smallest margin in any Congressional race in Florida. Despite being outspent by millions of dollars, we captured 45% of the vote -- in the midst of a Republican landslide and in a district with an overwhelming Republican majority (52% Republican to 32% Democratic to 16% other registration). In 2006, the only way a Democrat can win here is on the issues - and we must take back our distict and country in 2006.

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At August 26, 2006 4:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Democrats in Sarasota are sick and tierd of Jan Schneider and her rag tag cast of charaters who continue to whine about the mess our country is in but they are all to disfunctional and lazy to actually do anything about it.
Insanity is defined as repeating the same thing over & over again and doing it wronge. That decribes the Schneider Campaign to a T.
If by some twisted quirk of fate Jan wins the Primary we can kiss that seat good bye again.
Why do the stupid Sarasota Democrats insist on voting for a loser?


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